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Measuring Twice

This #throwbackthursday brought to you by the last post I made on here, which was…two weeks ago. Womp womp.

My original goal was to post here twice a week, but that hasn’t happened this month. I was starting to feel really guilty about it, until I sat down and thought about everything that’s happened this month and all the stuff I *did* accomplish. So here’s my measurements for the March:

Books: I set myself a reading challenge over on goodreads to read 25 books this year. I’m cheating a little bit, because I’m counting the books I’m reading for classes, but I’ll take what I can get! I’m taking a grad course on history theory/philosophy of history, so the readings are pretty heavy. This month I read:

  • The Writing of History, Michel de Certeau (technically I finished this February 28th, but it was such a slog that I’m going to go ahead and count it)
  • The Order of Things: An Archaeology of the Human Sciences, Michel Foucault
  • Foucault: A Very Short Introduction, Gary Gutting (at 120-some pages this was definitely not the very, very short introduction I was hoping it’d be, but it was so helpful in understanding The Order of Things!)
  • The Interpretation of Cultures, Clifford Geertz
  • Not a book, but hundreds of pages worth of essays by Hayden White (also a slog, and therefore also definitely counting here!)

Work: Damn, March was a busy time for work! Not just my official job, but all my unofficial jobs, like involvement with clubs and conference presentations. Shout out to my amazing partners on all of these projects–it is seriously so awesome to do fun stuff with people who you like and who are kick-ass at what they do. This month in the work/scholarship realm I:

  • Co-led a workshop for undergrads on understanding internet privacy/corporate surveillance
  • Co-led a workshop for undergrad academic writing students on identifying stakeholders and incorporating multiple viewpoints in their research
  • Co-presented at the DERAIL–Diversity, Equity, Race, Accessibility, and Identity in Library and Information Science– Forum on a grad student curriculum development project (check out info on the conference here. They’re planning to add recordings and supplemental materials, so def. check out our presentation!). I loved this–the conference was really well organized, and the presentations were so informative and inspired me to think of more ways to include social justice into my work as a librarian

Projects: I had off a few days for spring break this month, so you know I spent all kinds of time knitting and crafting. I already shared my first finished shawlette (which I’m still totally in love with). This month I also made this wonderfully tacky kitten sweater. We had a librarian stereotype contest among the library students in my grad program, so I went with the cat lady angle. I had to make some last-minute adjustments (including adding pockets to cover up the other patterns I’d ironed on but hadn’t had time to embroider!), but it was still fun. Also, yours truly took first place in the contest, so of course it was worth it in the end.

Cat librarian reporting for duty
I also started working on another shawl, this time in this amazing blue/green. I ended up tangling the whole skein up at first, so I had to spend several hours untangling it and forcing it into a ball. I tell you what though, those hours were well spent. I seriously felt hypnotized by the gorgeous colors and textures.

It makes me think of mermaids, and Cape May, one of my all-time favorite cities. Definitely a good choice for spring! 
Pictures really don’t do this colorway justice
 As crafters we all know the rule: measure twice, cut once. The rule’s about preparation, but I think we can also use it to think about reflection. My first instinct is always to think that I’m not doing enough. Taking the time to reflect and measure out my months in little pieces like this is helping me realize that I actually *am* doing a lot (probably too much at times), and I need to take time and acknowledge all that work before moving on to the next big thing. Luckily I’ll have some downtime this weekend before a super-busy April. I was planning to spend that time hibernating, but I decided instead to register for a beginning drop spinning class. I figured it was good timing: new month, new craft. Here’s to all we did in March, and all we have to look forward to in April!

Happy crafting!




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