I’d say I’m generally an optimistic person: I usually assume the best in people; when I look at the weather forecast I dress for the highs instead of the lows; and I try to look for the silver linings in bad situations. This week, however, I had a hard time being positive. A series of minor frustrations early in the week left me grumpy, so that by the time I had to deal with bigger challenges later in the week I was emotionally drained. Every day I was coming home and complaining that it was a crappy day, a terrible week.

But the truth is, a lot of good stuff actually happened this week. Things that, on their own, would normally make my week. I got so caught up in the crummy stuff, though, that the good things got eclipsed. Luckily, hanging out with my friends and family (combined with beautiful weather!) put me back in a positive frame of mind and allowed me to look back at the week and reframe things. With this new outlook, I was able to see that my week was actually pretty darn craft-tastic.

First, I was able to complete another shawlette! My goal for the month is to finish two shawls by next week in time for my sister’s birthday. The first shawl I worked on this month is for my mom. I love the way it turned out! The pattern is Hello Knitty’s Multnomah (available on Ravelry), and the yarn is Avalon Spring Farm’s Pendragon– Royal Passion. My family are huge Ravens fans, so these colors are perfect! Working on this made me notice how many purple and yellow flowers are planted together around town. I really love working with hand-dyed yarn, and I love that it’s making me notice color in a new way.

I’m also making good progress on my sister’s shawl. I’ll definitely be able to finish it before her visit (phew!), and may even have time to wrap up a few other gifts for her.

Chelsea's shawl
My mom and sister requested the same pattern, but I love how the different yarns make them so unique!
One of the best parts of my week was going to visit my cousin at her college in West Virginia. It made me so happy to see how much she loves it! She and my aunt gave me a tour of Shepherdstown, which is one of the cutest towns ever. It’s right on the Potomac. We visited quaint shops, a teeny tiny public library, and went down to the river and railroad tracks.

How beautiful is this?!?
In addition to giving me a new eye for color, knitting has also given me a nose for  yarn shops. As we were driving around town I just happened to look out the window and noticed a sign for yarn. “Stop the car!” I shouted, flailing my arms wildly (ok, it didn’t happen quite like that, but I did ask my cousin to turn back around). We had discovered Yarnability-Sewinclined, a yarn and quilting shop that also offers classes. It was so. cool.

Look at all the yarn!
The shop had a huge selection, especially considering the space wasn’t really all that big. Everything was displayed beautifully. I especially liked that all of the display projects had a tag listing the yarn and pattern used. The woman working there was awesome! I wish I had caught her name. She was really helpful. And it was fun to “talk yarn” with a fellow yarn lover. I’m still new to the whole knitting scene so I sometimes feel out of my league when I talk to more experienced knitters, but she was so friendly! I ended up buying two skeins plus two shawl pins for my mom and sister’s shawls.

Yarnability yarn
Wonderland Yarns hand-dyed by Frabjous Fibers
So all in all, a pretty craft-tastic week. Here’s hoping that this next week is also filled with crafty goodness. After all, the semester is winding down, the weather is turning warmer, and my sister is coming to visit! What more can you ask for?

Happy crafting!


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