I’m back from an (unplanned) hiatus! The past few weeks have been a blur: I’ve been finishing classes, attending conferences, and answering lots of panicked end-of-semester reference questions (nothing is sadder than an academic library during finals week. I saw one student drop his coffee as he was putting the lid on it, and he just stared helplessly at the puddle for a good minute.)

Although I’ve been remiss in updating the blog, y’all know I’ve kept up with my crafting. Early in May I went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, which was so awesome. I met tons of friendly fiber folks and picked up lots of gorgeous yarn. I finished my blue hypno-yarn shawl in time to wear it to the festival, too!

Here’s a close-up of the shawl with some shawl pins I got from Michelle’s Assortment at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

I also just finished my biggest knitting project so far, and I can’t wait to share it! I’m trying to resist temptation and wait until after I’ve finished blocking it to photograph it.

Do you set goals for future crafting projects, or do you make when the spirit moves you? I’ve found that having a list of projects (and even better, a list of recipients!) motivates me to tackle more complicated projects and to see them through from start to finish. To that end, I’ve decided to make a list of projects I’d like to work on this summer–I probably won’t realistically be able to complete them all (and may substitute some other projects that catch my eye), but I like having something to work towards. This summer I’m also starting research for my MA thesis, which is going to be not only time-intensive, but also mentally draining (I’ll be translating primary sources from Russian and reading some heavy philosophical/theoretical stuff) and emotionally exhausting (because what would research be without constantly worrying about how you don’t know enough and your topic sucks and you’re never going to graduate, and, and…). So it’s really important to me that I carve out time this summer for spending time with family and friends, and make time to work on other things that bring me joy. Thus, my summer #craftgoals:

  • First up is a shawl I’m working on for my boyfriend’s mum: Linda Minnick’s (aka linspins on Ravelry) Heart of the Mountains shawlette. I’m really excited about this one! It uses beading and some fancy lacework, both of which are new to me. I’m planning to use Frabjous Fibers’ Cheshire Cat yarn (but I also have my eye on some other really pretty green colorways that I might have to try instead!)
  • Ambah O’Brien’s Sea Dragon Shawl. How gorgeous is this pattern?!? I love how different the samples look depending on the color choice. The plan for now is to do this one up in blue and gray yarns from Shalimar Yarns. But I love the rainbow ones too, so I might end up making two of these!
  • Finishing up some cross stitch projects for my mom and sister. Cross stitch is my first love, but I’ve sort of neglected it since taking up knitting. This summer I hope to go back to my crafting roots!
  • Finishing up the quilt I started last fall (!)–initially it was meant to be a twin-sized quilt, but instead I’m splitting it in two so that I’ll have two wall hangings, one for me and one for my sister
  • Something with all the fabric I’ve picked up at Joann’s with no real project in mind. I’m especially excited to do something with this elephant fabric–the colors and style remind me of Mary Blair and the Small World ride (which, despite the song, is one of my fave Disney World rides)

    Look how cute those little elephants are! What do you think–should I use this in a quilt? Bag/change purse? Something else?
  • More Satsuma Street cross stitch! I’ve mentioned on here before that Jody Rice is my favorite cross stitch designer–just looking at her designs makes me happy! I’m trying to avoid visiting her etsy shop right now because I’m always tempted to buy her new patterns, but I’ve already got a stash that I need to work through first. I’ve got patterns for Pretty Little Amsterdam, Pretty Little Paris, and Mermaid Lagoon. Just have to decide which one to tackle first!
    Still need to figure out a frame for Pretty Little London so I can finally display it!

    Do you all have summer craft goals lined up? Feel free to share them here! I’m trying to hold off starting any new projects until I finish up this last paper of the semester, but we’ll see how long that resolution lasts….

Happy Crafting!


2 thoughts on “#craftgoals

  1. I want to get as far as possible on my cross-stitch quilt in terms of the cross-stitching part. And ideally finish my grandmother’s garden quilt. The rest are just pie in the sky dreams!


    1. ooo what are you doing for your cross-stitch quilt? I have some matryoshka fabric I’d like to pair with some matryoshka cross-stitch projects I worked on years ago, but never got around to it!


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