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I Can Hear the Bells

After another shamefully long break, I’m back! This time the reason for my absence wasn’t work or school–no, this time my hiatus was courtesy of some very excellent news: I got engaged! My oh-so-perfect and all-around amazing boyfriend proposed to me on the beach of Cape May, one of our favorite places. I’m so thrilled to be engaged to him, and not only because I now get to describe myself as “affianced” in a snooty voice. To put yourself in the proper mood for the rest of the post, please skip ahead to 0:50 in this video to listen to one of the best wedding-themed songs ever written:

As my thoughts turn to wedding planning, I’ve naturally started to brainstorm ways to make the event craft-tastic. We’re thinking of a fall wedding, so of course my aesthetic will be guided by that autumnal classic, It’s Decorative Gourd Season (which is definitely NSFW, but is a must-read for every autumn lover out there).

What I’m most excited about, in terms of crafting, is that the weather will be chilly enough for my bridesmaids and I to rock some awesome knitted shawls! Over the next few months, I plan to “audition” different patterns and yarns to decide which shawls I’ll be making for myself and my lovely bridesmaids. We haven’t decided on a color scheme for the wedding yet, so my early experiments will be less focused on color and more on yarn composition and design elements. Most importantly, I want to find something that is both elegant and cozy–while I love autumn, I hate the cold and would never wish it on my worst enemy, so I want to make sure we keep warm!


My very own Miss Manners book! We still have the beat-up copy of Miss Manners’ Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior from my grandmother’s house

So, what do you all think? Do any patterns or yarn spring to mind as wedding-perfect? My first test is the French Can Can pattern I’ve been eyeing up since I saw a sample of it at a yarn shop in West Virginia. I really love the lace and cable border! I’m also considering making fingerless gloves, so send any ideas for those (or other accessories) my way as well. I’d also love to know what DIY elements you included in your wedding. If you’re planning a crafty wedding too, let’s share notes!


Happy crafting!


6 thoughts on “I Can Hear the Bells

  1. Congratulations! My wedding was a crafty one, I made all of the stationery plus table centrepieces etc. It made it extra special. Enjoy finding crafty projects for your wedding. X


  2. Congratulations! I knitted stoles for each of my bridesmaids and myself and one of my sisters made pinecone bouquets for everyone. The other sister designed and printed the invitations! It was so fun to have accessories and decorations that were just what I wanted.


      1. Hi Lindsay! I made a different stole for each bridesmaid but with the same yarn, color, and shape (rectangular with fancy lace ends and a simple pattern in the middle:,, Mine was the super-fancy but also rectangular High Seas from Kieran Foley (—charted-pattern). I don’t think I ever blogged the bouquets, but here’s a picture!

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