Day Job(s): I teach information literacy at an academic library. I love working with students, especially undergrads–they are so awesome and teach me so much. I’m also earning a Masters in Russian/Soviet history and a Masters in Library Science.

Nightlife: When I’m not at work or studying, I’m crafting. My favorites are cross stitch and knitting, although I also love quilting and embroidery. I love learning new crafts (I’m currently experimenting with metal stamping), so if you have suggestions for new things to try, let me know! While crafting, I’m usually also watching cheesy retro sci-fi movies with my boyfriend (Mystery Science Theater 3000, anyone?) or listening to true crime podcasts.

Passions: On the teaching side of things, I’m passionate about student-centered learning, feminist theory, critical pedagogy, and innovative information literacy instruction. As a historian, my interests are cultural institutions (especially Russian and Soviet museums and libraries), the construction of knowledge, and highlighting underrepresented voices and groups. True to the librarian stereotype, I love reading pretty much anything I can get my hands on. I’m really interested in how literature, feminism, and history intersect with crafting.

Let’s share photos of our latest projects! You can find me on Instagram @Lindsay_the_Librarian, or on Ravelry at LindsayLibrarian.

Thanks for stopping by!

 Note on Copyright: I would be so thrilled if you like something I post enough to pin it, reblog it, or share in any other way! Please attribute any content from Make Time to Make to Lindsay Inge (or my Instagram handle, Lindsay_the_Librarian). I will make every attempt to properly cite any links or images I share from other sites. If I do make a mistake, please let me know by contacting me at maketimetomake@gmail.com


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